What Role Meaningful Communications Play in Your Personal Digital Brand

Let’s talk about your digital communications today. When was the last time that you sent a meaningful message online? We all tend to blame social for anxiety and negativity in our lives, but actually it’s just as good (or bad) as we make it.

Improve your personal brand: send thoughtful messages to your contacts

I suggest that you try to add this 2-3 minute habit to your daily routine: once a day, send a really meaningful message to someone you know. Say something good, share something useful to them, answer a question, or just share your positive attitude when they need this.

This could be a short email, a text message sent privately, a comment under their photo or a post on social media — the only rule is, really think about them when you do this and try to be as helpful as possible.

Really, it only takes couple of minutes if you think about that! Try this today.

After posting this first video, a follower got back to me with a question:

How exactly does that improve digital personal brand?

I would say, first of all goes the obvious part. Being kind and meaningful in your communication is always good to your brand, in online and offline life.

Another important point is increased level of engagement on everything that you post online when you are in constant contact with your network.

So, what I suggest that you do to measure the impact of one-on-one communications with your followers on brand’s performance, is tracking the amount of likes and comments and shares your content receives when you start practicing it.

Measuring impact of 1:1 communications on your personal brand

Unfortunately you won’t see engagement data and trends on your personal accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn similar to what a business owner can see on their brand page, but still tracking how many interactions your posts and status updates receive is pretty straightforward (read more about How to use LinkedIn for personal branding here).

Twitter stats are more business-like here, just go to the Analytics tab where data for current and past months about your tweets and followers is collected. You can see how many tweets you have posted, how many impressions they got, how many people mentioned you or visited your profile, and how your followers base grew.

Twitter Analytics tab: you can use it to track your account performance
Twitter Analytics tab: you can use it to track your account performance

On the Analytics -> Tweets tab you can track individual tweets performance: impressions and engagement. Videos that you uploaded to Twitter also have their own tab there.

Is being passionate about your work good for your brand?

I also wanted to talk about showing love. Not only on St. Valentine Day, but throughout a year!

This video was posted on February 14th 2020 after we’d discussed sending meaningful messages to the followers and its practical benefit of increased audience engagement with your own content on social media, but that’s not only that.

If you want to create a strong professional brand online, you need to show love. Be passionate about what you do, your workplace, colleagues, art and science behind your craft no matter what the field is.

There are so many ways to show your passion and interest without making it too personal so that you can share it publicly.

On Facebook, that’s probably sharing workplace photos with colleagues, memories from the office and industry events, tagging your company and co-workers (those who allow for that for sure) in your updates.

Twitter is a marvellous platform to share and discuss industry news and be a part of professional chats.

On LinkedIn, there is a very nice feature to send kudos to your colleagues. How cool is that to be praised for something that you are proud of?

Your genuine interest in your field and strong connections with current workplace should be an integral part of your professional brand, and digital realm is exactly where you can show it easily.

So, let’s wrap up! How to improve your digital brand with meaningful communications

  • Send thoughtful messages to your contacts
  • Don’t use canned responses — be genuine
  • Pay attention to how being more active in 1:1 communications affects your content metrics
  • Don’t be afraid to show passion toward your work!

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