Small Video Series: Digital Personal Branding Tip #1: Google Yourself

We here at YouGet Branded are extremely excited to announce a small video series with tips for you digital personal branding. Today let’s talk about the initial research. Did ever google yourself?

[Video Transcript] Why is that important to Google yourself

Natasha: … As promised, we are starting a new thing today, and it’s video tips for your personal branding, and our first idea for you is: Google yourself! Yes, that’s simple, just go and see what you find, and see a longer video on our page for more on that.

Why is that important? Because that’s exactly what others see when they start researching you. Be it a head hunter, a potential customer to your business, or even someone interested in you personally, they will see exactly the same set of results, and basically you need to know what’s out there forming their opinion about you.

Some tips to make this research more efficient: log out of your Google account to get unpersonalized results, use quotation marks to get only the results that include your first name and last name together, include also your industry or a company name or a location if there are too many namesakes around the world, and try to exclude some of them using minus modifier with their industry or location or company name.

Create an inventory of what you see. You will be able to influence this in some cases, and we will talk about this later on.

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