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Now that you decided that you need a strategic approach to your personal online branding, let me introduce myself and show how can I help you.

My name is Natasha Kvitka, I am a digital marketing strategist and brand manager with 15 years of experience helping online businesses to stand out among the competition in the digital landscape.

I specialize in small to medium business operating online, and covered all the aspects of digital marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, content marketing, online public relations, and digital reputation management.

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What clients are saying

I am very grateful to Natasha and her project YouGetBranded for the significant help in managing my online reputation and practical recommendations in developing my career.

Polina Poliakova, Marketing and Business Development expert. See full review here.

Why would you want a professional digital marketer to work on your personal brand?

In our era of digitization and constant connectedness every one of us leaves digital footprint, no matter how private and “friends-only” the social media profiles are set to be.

This digital brand becomes more and more important as in all of the aspects of life you are being researched online by anyone considering to hire you, partner with you, or even go on a date with you!

In order to be proactive rather than reactive and make sure that you create the best impression possible and only information about you that you want to be there is easily available for your potential employer, partner, or significant other, you have to approach your online footprint in the same way that online businesses approach their branding by the means of digital marketing.

That’s exactly what we are here for! Using digital strategies to build your Google search presence, optimize social media profiles, acquire online mentions from the trusted sources, we help to build you invincible personal and professional online brand!

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